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Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's been awhile!  In fact, it's been another school year, a pregnancy and a baby later!  You didn't miss much ;)

I wanted to give this blog another go, especially now that I have my own little one that I'm already attempting to inundate with books- we're almost through the entire Fancy Nancy series at age 5 months.  Just waiting for Daddy to clear us to go buy some more!  I am a certified reading specialist, but I'm currently staying at home with the babe.  I don't promise a perfect post every time.  In fact, between chasing the dog around and changing diapers, I'll be surprised if I spell anything right!  I really don't see how some of you manage multiple children!  But, I do know that I'm a huge sucker for books.  All my friends and relatives will tell you that their kids have ONLY received books from me for birthdays and Christmases.  I think I have more fun in the kid section at Barnes & Noble than they do.  I'd love to share what I'm doing with Gentry (the daughter), but I'd rather hear what YOU are doing with little ones at home or even in the classroom.

**If you're new, check out some of the older posts (can't believe it's been a few years since I wrote them).  For now, I just wanted to reintroduce myself and leave you with one tiny thing we've been working on over here:

Gentry is very close to reading her first word (joke).  In the meantime, I am working on concepts of print with her.  She grabs EVERYTHING, so I let her grab books and try to help her turn pages in the right direction.  This is quite a challenge as Gentry would rather just rip up the pages and put them in her mouth; but, never too early to start, right?!  I also try to follow the words with my finger as I read them so she sees the direction of the words.  Rarely a success, but if I catch her in just the right mood I think she actually sees me point to 2 or 3 words.  Two out of 100 some words, I'll take it for now.
I'll finish with this because the baby is currently "singing" to me from her crib!  Gentry opening a Fancy Nancy book for Christmas with Daddy...