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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Here Kitty, Kitty!

I’ve decided to study one author a week.  That way I can make sure I’m hitting on a majority of each writer’s good books.  I hate leaving some out  Kevin Henkes’ next book is by far the cutest, and especially great for the youngest of learners.  Poor Kitten has never experienced the wonder of a full moon.  Drawing from her background knowledge, she immediately thinks it is a bowl of milk.  Kitten spends the entire book trying to taste that bowl of milk in the sky, making you want to reach in the book and give her a hug (and a large bowl of milk).  No worries though, because she comes home to one sitting on the front porch.

Here are some great activities to go along:
  • Your child will find this book comical if they can understand Kitten’s confusion.  On the first page, ask your child what really is that bowl of milk in the sky?  Look outside.  See if there is a full moon.  If there is, what else could the full moon appear to be?  Your child could illustrate their ideas.

  • For our very early learners, demonstrate tracking by reading a sentence slowly and pointing to each word as you say it.  Do this several times so that your child memorizes the short sentence.  Then, see if he/she can point to the words as they read it.  If your child is able to, typically we say they have “Concept of Print,” meaning they have jumped over the first hurdle towards literacy.

  • If your child is slightly more advanced, choose a sentence from the book, or have your child pick their favorite.  Either you or the child can write each word of the sentence on one note card or Post-it.   Scramble the cards up and see if your child can organize the words into the original sentence.

  • For even more advanced learners, discuss how adding –ed or –ing changes the tense of a word.  Using Wikki Sticks , Twizzlers, highlighting tape or rubber bands, mark them.

  • If you have an active child, have them act out Kitten’s motions as you tell the story.  This really helps with listening comprehension!
I am NOT a cat person (and neither is my dog), but I do love all the opportunities Kitten gives us to do some learning!  As always, go cuddle and READ!

Anyone out there tried any of these activities?  Anyone out there have any more ideas?! 

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