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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello Snow!

Running with the snow theme, this is a great find for young readers!  With tons of rhymes and lively pictures, your child is sure to be entertained!

LISTENING - Let your child do some acting.  Read the book through one time.  Then, without showing your child the pictures, have him/her act out what you read on the page.

RHYMING - Where to begin.  After you’ve read a few pages, have your child try to guess the last word in each stanza.  For example, say, “Hello, sock.  Goodbye, toe.  Hold on, piggies- In you ___.”

WORDS/SENTENCES - Can your child find the Hellos and Goodbyes on each page?

INITIAL/FINAL SOUNDS - Fix your child some cocoa.  Then, have them search for words that begin or end with that same “c” sound.  Write all of these on some shaving cream for an added snow effect!

SYLLABLES - Find any two syllable word in the story (HELLO, SUNSHINE, SNOWFLAKES, etc.).  Model saying each syllable in a different voice for your child.  Have your child try.  For example, with the word SUNSHINE, say SUN with a high-pitched voice, and SHINE with a low-pitched one.

PHONEMES - Since the children in the story drink hot cocoa, round up some marshmallows and practice Push and Say with small three, four or five letter words.  For HELLO, push a marshmallow out for H, E, LL and O (4 marshmallows).  Your child can only eat he/she if they identify all the phonemes in a word J

                Added BONUS- I love the BBC website.  Try this Whirly Words  game.

LETTERS/SPELLING - In that mug of hot cocoa, give your child a straw and have him/her practice writing 3, 4 or 5 letter words in their drink!  Choose words like PACK (the –ack family), HAT (-at family), ZIP (-ip family), etc.  Can he/she think of any other words that fall into those families?  Or, practice sight words such as ME, SEE HELLO, AND, IN, HERE, THE, WE, GO, IT, THIS, etc.
                Added BONUS- Try the Word Blender , also from the BBC Website!

Is your child even more advanced than this?  Have him/her write a new page for the book, seeing if he/she can following the rhyming pattern!

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