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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Road...


I’m going to take another quick break from read-alouds to tell you about some exciting things going on with Brookes Publishing Company .  If you access their website HERE  and use the code KA1102 until August 15th, you will receive 20% off your purchase.  There are some amazing resources out there, so at least go check them out.  You can’t pass up a SALE! 

Brookes has sent me several resources that I’ve been gobbling up.  I particularly enjoy Road to the Code for all the young learners out there.  Although it is intended for classroom teachers, why not give your child a head start?  Here are some sample lessons .  Don’t be afraid to try them even if you have no educational background!  There are a wealth of materials ready to be copied and used in the back section.  

Some ready to go materials:

Large or small alphabet cards you can copy onto cardstock and hang up around your child’s room, or even use as templates to paint on their walls!  These cards have pictures around them that begin with each letter and even a little jingle to accompany each one (“Big boy bouncing on a bed”).

Sound Categorization Cards- great for rhymes!  There are 4 pictures on each page that all rhyme.  They even give you the names of the pictures, which is important.  You don’t know how many times I’ve sat around with other teachers trying to figure out a picture’s name!  Throw in a picture from another group and see if your child can identify the non-rhyming card!

Initial Sound Categorization Cards- same thing, but pictures are grouped by the beginning sounds.  Once again, throw another group’s card in and see if your child can pick out the oddball!

Sound BINGO Cards- I love these!!  Who doesn’t like a little BINGO in their lives?  The cards are a mixture of pictures and letters.  This is an activity the whole family can do for Games Night!  There are almost 40 pages of different cards, so it will last you awhile!

Elkonin Cards - Remember all the times I’ve said to have your child push out an item for each time they hear a sound in a word?  Well these cards are made just for that.  Each one has a picture at the top and three boxes beneath.  The child can point to each box as they hear a sound, or even fill the boxes in with the letters they hear.  All the pictures are three letter words (map, net, fan, etc.).  Have your child write the alphabet on rectangles that will fit in each box in fun markers and have your child drag the letters over as he/she hears them!

I love resources that come ready to go.  None of us have time to make all the millions of activities I’ve been describing, so this is worth the investment, whether you’re a parent or teacher.  I would like to see more syllable activities, but you can use the ideas I’ve mentioned before and easily add them to this guide.  Just think, what better way to grow and learn with your child than taking 10 minutes a day to open up this book and literally GO!?

I will post about another one tomorrow.  Use your code and go browse Brookes!

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