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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rainy Day Fun

Why is it STILL raining?  We are on Day 3 of rain and it is really not ending until Friday.  At least tomorrow night we may get some snow.  I don't know about you but cold rain is the WORST!

I'm sure most of you moms are going crazy not being able to get out much, whether you're here or somewhere else experiencing this weather.  Gentry and I went on a scavenger hunt this morning with her toys that I thought some of you with older kids could easily do.  Instead of just playing with toys today, why don't you go around the house and try to find objects that start with the same sound.  Here Gentry took her snowman and matched it up to a sofa.  Yup, she did it all by herself.

Other variations...

  • Find objects that end the same as the toys
  • Find objects that end the same as the toy's beginning (snowman and pants) or vice verse (snowman and nail polish)
  • Collect small objects that start the same/end the same or rhyme.  Just make sure these things are SMALL and then play "Race the Clock" to clean up the collected items before the clock runs out.
Hope everyone finds some good, educational indoor fun today!  If you do, PLEASE share!

The dog even found something fun to do... Gentry lost this tug-of-war.

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