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Monday, January 31, 2011

Eric Carle, another favorite.  Do I have too many of those?  Who doesn’t know this story filled with patterns and colors?  Pull some science into this by discussing the life cycle of a butterfly.  We used to by our own butterfly kits here and actually watch them grow.  It’s a learning experience for all!

Here are some activities to go along with your child’s development.  As always, click on the stage’s title to learn about it.

Listening  - Rattle an object in different corners of the room.  Just like the fruit the caterpillar eats each day, rattle in a pattern-in one corner, rattle something once, in another corner, twice, etc.   See if your child can point to the corner from which you are rattling.  If you have a portable computer, use to find some eating sounds.  Play them in different parts of the room.  Remember, this is teaching your child to listen carefully to sounds, which will later translate into hearing sounds in words!

Rhyming - Make up nonsense words to rhyme with each fruit (APPLES- bapples, PEARS- mears, etc.)

Words/Sentences - “But he was still hungry” is repeated throughout this book.  Model pointing to each word as you say it.  Have your child try to do the same.  Write each word on an index card or colored scrap of paper.  Arrange the words in the correct order a few times.  Have your child try to do it also!

Syllables -Turn to the “Saturday” page when the caterpillar eats a lot of food!  Have your child point to each food item and clap its syllables.

Initial/Final Sounds -  Use the “Saturday” page again to determine what each food starts with.  If that’s too easy, see if your child can tell you what sound they end with!

Phonemes - Back with the Saturday food page (maybe I’m just hungry!), have your child pick his/her favorite food.  Write each letter of the word on a separate scratch sheet of paper.  Model pushing each letter forward as you say its sound.  Can your child do this?

Letters and Spelling - Have your child pick a letter of the alphabet.  Go for a word hunt- try to find words that begin with that letter throughout the book!

Anyone tried any of these activities yet?  Feel free to post books or activities you'd love to see.  I'm here to help you!

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