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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Isn't Alphabet

I love this spin on an alphabet book.  It is a little advanced, I usually have my 2nd graders come up with their own pages following the pattern, but read aloud, it can be great for younger children.  The pattern is something like this “A isn’t for ________(a word not starting with A), it isn’t for __________(another word not starting with A but that rhymes with the first).  A is for ______(an A word followed by the sentence finishing with another rhyming word).”  You’ll understand the pattern once you get your hands on this great find!  I suggest you read this book through one time for fun before doing any of the activities!

LISTENING -  Another great book where pictures parallel the text.  Have your child point to the picture of what you are reading.  Or, play a game where you substitute a silly word for one in the story and your child must catch you. 

RHYMING - Very easy… have your child find the rhyming words on each page.  Can he/she come up with others?

WORDS/SENTENCES -  Have your child pick their favorite page.  Help them (or do it yourself) by writing the page on chart paper or construction paper.  Find a good pointer (fly swatters, popsicle sticks, unique pencils, cocktail stirs, etc.) and demonstrate pointing to each word as you read it.  Have your child copy you!

SYLLABLES - Use the jaw activity to find two syllable words as you read.  Model placing your hand under your chin and saying words on a page as you read.

INITIAL/FINAL SOUNDS -  Can your child listen for the word that begins with the letter on the page?  For example, on the A page, see if your child can JUMP whenever they hear the A sound at the beginning of a word.  Make sure you really enunciate it!  Or, spread out some play dough and have your child copy each letter onto it using a toothpick or pencil.  Ball it up and roll it flat again after each letter.  Try writing upper and lower case letters.
PHONEMES - Use these pages for this activity: A, C, E, G, I, N, O or V.  See if your child can identify any word with that letter in it.  Again, enunciate these words and have them JUMP or move around when they find one! 

LETTERS/SPELLING -  Point out rhyming words on each page (example- the B page has KITE, LIGHT and NIGHT).  See if your child can recognize any letters that are the same.  Write these in shaving cream, play dough, sand, marker boards or fun paper.  Help your child name other words that make the same sound.  Note that even though words make the same ending sounds, they may not always be spelled the same.  Your child needs to know that!

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