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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Max Cleans Up

A funny story about a kids way of cleaning!  Max, the bunny, solves his mess problem by stuffing everything in his pocket.  Maybe this will even encourage your child to pick up a few things?


LISTENING :  Have your child act out what Max does throughout the story.  Once the book is done, find different objects around the house (that aren’t breakable) and drop them while your child’s back is turned.  Can he/she figure out what was dropped?

RHYMING : Max has many rhyming words.  Since bubbles are used in the story, blow some.  For every bubble your child pops, he/she has to give a rhyming word to go along with Max.  You can try Ruby also.

WORDS/SENTENCES : Use popsicle sticks for this activity, since they are mentioned in the story.  Choose a favorite sentence in the book and write one word on each popsicle stick.  Model putting the words in the correct order after your child has read them through several times.  Then, scramble them up and have your child put them back together.

SYLLABLES :  Have your child clap his/her pocket for each syllable heard in these words: POCKET, RUBY, MX, SOMETHING, STICKY, MIRACLE, BUBBLES, ANT, SQUEEZED.  Even Write these words on popsicle sticks and have your child sort them into ONE SYLLABLE, TWO SYLLABLES or THREE SYLLABLES.

INITIAL/FINAL SOUNDS : Create a pocket using paper (fold it in half and staple the sides).  Allow your child to decorate it with the letter M for Max.  have your child fill it with pictures from magazines or newspapers (or hand-drawn) that begin or end with the letter M.

PHONEMES : Using another hand-made pocket, have your child put an object inside it for every sound he/she hears in the following words: MAX (m-a-x), RUBY (r-u-b-y), EGG (e-gg), DUCK (d-u-ck).

LETTERS/SPELLING :  Have your child point out his/her favorite item that went into Max’s pocket.  Help your child write that on shaving cream, a markerboard or paper several times.  Then, have him/her find the word in the story.  Or, search newspapers, magazines or other books for the word.  Another activity?  Use the word CLEAN to make others.  Have your child write it on a markerboard, then erase a letter to make LEAN and follow this sequence CLEAN- LEAN- BEAN- BEAM- SEAM- STEAM- CREAM- SCREAM- READ- BEAD

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