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Friday, March 4, 2011


My husband and I are off to a vacation in Hawaii, so I will be MIA for a little over a week.  I did want to leave you with a WONDERFUL book I came across while visiting the VMFA last night in Richmond.  This book is beyond amazing.  It gives children (and you) interesting and unknown facts about common animals.  But, it does it in an extremely creative and interactive way.  There are flaps that cover most of each animal.  You can see enough to make a prediction as to which animal is hidden.  The facts are too advanced for the very young, but perfect for 4-10 year olds.  Children will enjoy guessing the animals and turning the flaps.  You can even create your own version by having your child draw a picture of an animal, glue or tap a flap over it and write the animal's name on the inside of the flap.  

Here is a quote from Amazon about this book, which I think basically sums it up...

K-Gr 2-This book is a visual treat for budding zoologists. The oversize, boldly graphic volume showcases a wide range of animals and interesting facts about them, all hidden beneath flaps of black-and-white animal silhouettes and paw prints, cutouts, and, in one really attractive spread, richly painted patterns of animal hides. It has pop-up figures beneath, truly making it the apex of the book. One pair of pages has the animals tucked under black tabs punched with eye holes through which the critters peek. The facts are short, simple statements, and their randomness contributes to the hide-and-seek spirit of the volume. One can't be sure what creature or tidbit of information is waiting beneath the next flap. A stunning departure from the typical introductory volume about animals, this must-have will inspire a second look. And a third and a fourth.-Alyson Low, Fayetteville Public Library

For the younger learners, I found this one to be perfect, and paralleling the ideas in "Out of Sight."  Instead of sliding a flap and learning facts, you learn words.  
Take a trip to the VMFA if you happen to live in Richmond, or find these books!  They are definitely going to be staples in my library... I suggest you do the same.  Have a great week while I'm gone!!

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