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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Edible Books

Gentry wants to put EVERYTHING in her mouth.  I guess this is her way of showing interest. I love chocolate and I can't seem to keep that out of my mouth so maybe she loves books?! A friend of ours gave us some soft books that she can chew on and she LOVES them.  If you can't get your young one to sit still listening to a story then try these.  It may not seem like a literacy activity, but it's getting your child acquainted with books.  And, maybe like osmosis, by "eating" words, your child may learn them?
Of course when I try to capture her on film eating the book she won't, but instead she decided to read it to you.  Hoping her holding skills progress in the future...

I found some of these online:

They all claim to be vinyl-free.  Most of the bath books out there are made from vinyl.  I'm sure it's fine for the little amount of time kids actually have it in their mouths, but I'm trying to be as chemical free as possible with the little one.

Anyone with any other recommendations for edible books? 

What's something you do to get your kids excited to read?

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  1. SO SO SO CUTE!! Loved the video of little Gentry! I can't keep chocolate out of my mouth either! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!